Academic guidance program at Arakere

An Academic Guidance program was organised by SVIRM in Arakere Town of Mandya district. We invited Revered Swami Nityasthanandaji of Ramakrishna Ashram and Sri Ananth Kumar, an Educationist and the founder of Divyadeepa Charitable Trust.

Sri Ananth Kumar shared his views on Education and how, if children open up their mind for knowledge learning becomes easier. He quoted an example of a girl of 12 years who could hardly read and write and how within 3 years, she was able to clear 10th Standard in English Medium with the free training provided at their Organization.


Swami Nityasthanandaji later addressed the students and asked them to develop the Love of knowledge, Character, Human Relationships and doing good to others. Swamiji also taught Guided Meditation.

Br. Anagha Chaitanya of Ramakrishna Ashram later joined the program and distributed clothes, and books to all students on behalf of the Ashrama. SVIRM also donated note books to all the students.

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