Worship of Living Durga

Swami Vivekananda called upon people to worship God in the poor and in the destitute.  Swami Lingappa is one person who is carrying this teaching into practice. He was a Chief Engineer in KEB before retirement. He has devised a novel program called ‘Jeevanta Dura Pooja’ literally meaning ‘Worshiping the living Durga’. Here Living Durga means people.  Women aged above 50 are invited and worshiped in the same way God is worshiped.  Their feets will be cleaned,  flowers are offered at their feet, and finally an Arati is done to these women.  They are all given saris and food after the event. The idea is to awaken the divinity in these people while also establishing the idea of God in all among the participants.  SVIRM invited Swami Lingappa and his team to conduct this program in Chindegowdana Koppalu.  Swami Maheshatmanandaji and Swami Teerthakaranandaji from Ramakrishna Math participated in the event. Naveena C K, Managing Trustee of SVIRM was also present.

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