Graama Jaagrithi

“Knowledge is power”, it is said. The right knowledge empowers us. If there is one characteristic that urban life in India has been characterized by, it is the increasing “awareness” of the happenings around and also our rights, duties etc. At the same time, though this phenomenon is seen in rural India there is a visible difference with regard to what and how much of the information reaches the villages.
Like every other sphere both the government and the Non-Governmental organizations have been working on bridging this disconnect. The program of “Graama Jagriti” conceived by SVIRM is also a small effort towards the same.
About Graama Jagriti:
While the “Viveka Shikshana” program has its focus on educating children, “Graama Jagriti” is mostly aimed at creating awareness amongst the elders. As part of the program, SVIRM volunteers pick some relevant topics like health care, government schemes, citizen rights, agriculture etc that are relevant in the daily lives of the village people. An educative presentation/video is prepared about these topics. SVIRM volunteers carry a portable projector, an audio system and a screen. They pick a spot in the village, gather people and project these materials on the screen and explain the contents.The villagers are encouraged to ask questions about these topics during the presentation.
We have just started off with this program and had good response in two villages.  The basic intention about the program is to create of awareness. We intend to work further on making this program a regular feature of our activities and to build a pool of useful materials that can be put online and can be used/re-used by anyone.

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