Viveka Mandira

Viveka Mandira is a concept where we look to establish a Center in each village which will work to disseminate Secular and Spiritual Knowledge to the local residents.

Objectives of Viveka Mandira

  1. It will have a prayer hall dedicated to Sri Ramakrishna who is considered as the greatest spiritual teacher of the modern Era. It has been established beyond doubt that his life and teachings will benefit the mankind. We intend to have regular evening prayers, reading from scriptures and monthly discourses in this hall.
  2. It will serve as a library where the books of various subjects will be made available to the villagers.
  3. It will have computers with Internet connection.  The students and the interested villagers will be educated on how to make use of technology to improve their lifestyle.
  4. There will be a regular show of documentaries and awareness programs will be held in the village with “Viveka Mandira” as the Center.
  5. As regarding the preservation of India’s spiritual culture, Chanting of Veda Mantras, Bhagavad Gita, and other celebrated mantras like the Vishnu Sahasranama and the Lalitha Sahasranama will be taught here.
  6. Without doubt, the center intends to bring 100% literacy in the village.
  7. The Center will take special interest in the rural youth and will conduct programs to empower them with knowledge and to make them more productive.
  8. Improvement of the economic conditions of the villagers will be a priority.
  9. The center will also conduct tuition for the students

This list is not exhaustive and further additions will be made depending on the needs of the community.

One such project has already taken off in Chindegowdana Koppalu in Mandya District where we worked with the villagers to construct a new building dedicated to this cause. We intend to replicate this model in other villages also.


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